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Cane Conservatory Furniture

Most people like the look of a cane chair, with its echoes of colonial verandas or nineteen thirties’ coffee shops. It is not just nostalgia that makes the cane chair such a popular item, especially when it comes to conservatory and garden furniture. Cane furniture is popular because it is a lot more weatherproof than other materials. Unlike wooden furniture, cane chairs will not rot in damp or humid conditions. There are some great styles available in cane furniture nowadays, and it is value for money because you know it will last. Your ecologically minded friends will love your new furnishings because they are made from natural, untreated materials making your chairs environmentally friendly as well as attractive.

Cane chairs are no longer the poor relatives of solid wood as designer colouring and styles has meant that an increasing number of the rich and famous now furnish their balconies and conservatories with the latest in cane. With well padded seats and backs cane furniture can be exceedingly comfortable. You can think of cane furnishings as an investment because their durability means they will last for years. Cane furniture has a much longer history than most people would think as it was used in India long before it was imported to the west in the sixteen hundreds.

Your cane chair was once the bark of a palm tree. People harvest the palm and then boil the bark to remove all of its sap. When the sap is removed in this way it leaves a flexible material which is then cut into strips, woven and shaped to make your chair. Cane furniture is enjoying a revival and an increasing number of people are just as likely to have cane chairs in their living room, as they are in the conservatory or garden.

Cane Chairs

Twenty years or thirty years ago you may have heard people refer to cane furniture as colourless and boring. Nowadays you can get cane chairs in a variety of colours, which makes them ideal to brighten up your conservatory or garden. Cane is a preferred material for the outdoors because it will not swell or rot in extreme weather conditions, which made it a favourite in India, where cane furniture originated. You can get cane chairs in many different styles nowadays, as a typical garden chair, a straight backed dining chair, a curved armchair, or a traditional armchair with cane sides by Ercol..

Cane chairs are durable as well as attractive to look at and with the right amount of cushions and padding these hardy chairs can be extremely comfortable. Increasingly people want their conservatory to look more like the rest of the house and beautifully styled and artfully coloured cane chairs are a good way of doing this. You are just as likely to see cane chairs in designer boutiques as you are in your regular high street furniture shop. The nostalgic look back to the era of art deco objects and furniture has given renewed life to the cane furniture industry and to cane chairs in particular.